Who we are.

We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing SAP solutions to our clients, with the aim of strengthening their development strategies. We specialize in the implementation, support and continuous improvement of solutions, using technology as a driving force to help us meet our clients’ needs.


Individual talent reinforced by collective knowledge differentiates big companies from successful ones. Our philosophy is rooted in the idea of working side by side with our clients, building long-term relationships in a professional and committed way, always aiming for the success of the society that we form with them.

What we believe in

  • Professional Bonds

  • Direct Contact

  • Excellence


Gabriel Gugliotella / CEO

Passionate technician and digital craftsman

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With more than 15 year of experience designing SAP solutions for top companies, such as ETB, AySA, OSDE and REPSOL, he is recognized as a regional leader when it comes to the implementation of Industry Solutions (ISU). He is an expert in meeting the established deadlines, always surpassing the client’s expectations.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at Buenos Aires University, father and entrepreneur.

Gustavo Lozano / CEO

Creative and Innovator

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He led SAP R/3 and Industry Solutions implementations for companies such as MONSANTO, ESSBIO, MARUBA and AYSA, among many other notable experiences throughout his extensive career. As a natural leader, he generates creative work environments that promote the formation of highly competitive teams. His experience allows him to lead the most challenging projects, providing solutions of excellence for the top companies of each industry.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at CAECE, father and entrepreneur.